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PsdDesignToHtml announced 100% Non-Disclosure Agreement, which, in fully, guarantee prevention of the unauthorized access of highly confidential, client-owned personal information, in order to ensure that information stay secret and to ensure its correct and legal usage. We can assure you that we won’t EVER allow that this information to get into the wrong hands or to be misused for any purpose.


Under full criminal and legal liability, claim that all the material (like: all of the content, logo, web site appearance, layout and design, all the illustrations or/and graphs, drawings, reviews… etc.), which is located on this site (www.PsdDesignToHtml.com) present exclusive property of the company PsdDesignToHtml and has been protected by copyright, as well as many other intellectual property laws. It is strictly forbidden any unauthorized downloading of any portion of this site, for any purpose and carries criminal liability. The name and logo of the company PsdDesignToHtml also is forbidden to use in any type of advertising or/and some other public purpose, without a prior written consent of the site and the company owner.

We enjoy the exclusive right to change and/or revise ‘Terms & Conditions of Use’ or any other information located on this site, without any a prior information given to you. We, also, reserve the right to change / upgrade any content on the site, guided by our own discretion, initiative or necessary. In addition, we, also, reserve the exclusive right to change any product pricing, terms or/and specifications and warranties, without providing any a prior information/ notification.

Shall be considered as a criminal offense, posting or transmitting any unlawful, threatening, defamatory, obscene or harassing material of any kind, pornographic and/or profane material, language or any other material in this site, which can be interpreted as any kind of misconduct.


The markup delivery time:

  • First page can be expected within 8 to 24 working hours;
  • Each of the additional ordered page includes further 3 additional hours, which can even be prolonged, if the complexity of ordered page requires;
  • Any Urgent Delivery increases the total cost, automatically.

Development Team Availability:

  • Monday to Friday – 9:30 AM – 06:30 PM IST (4:00 AM – 1 PM GMT);
  • Customer support availability 24/7.

If you will order in the next 7 days:

  • You can expect to be contacted, the same day, by our representative, which will create for you both- your account and project, which will appear in our project management system;
  • Estimated approximated period, when is expected the project will be finished (depending on your demands and project details);
  • Please note that for CMS or Ecommerce projects you will get certain milestones and provided the exact delivery deadline from our company’s project management system;
  • Also note that for ordering a bunch of projects, some additional discounts can be approved, as well as, some pretty amazing delivery adjustments;

As deliberation for the provided services from PsdDesignToHtml, you give your consent to pay www.PsdDesignToHtml.com enforceable service charges, which have been set forth on your web site, at your desirable timetable. Despite of that fact, it’s a strongly advised that every client has to send a summarized and detailed payment mail to sales@PsdDesignToHtml.com.

Note: All payments of PsdDesignToHtml services are going to be made in American (US) dollars!


Please, pay the additional amount of attention to the following lines! It’s related to the payment policies enforced by PsdDesignToHtml.com

In cases which you want that our programmer works on your server or you want FROM us to send our files to you, each time we have any brand new updates available, which we found useful to show to you or you desire to receive all of our final files, right after the job, you requested, is done. In these cases is OBLIGATORY that you pay full (100%) amount of money in advance, in order to avoid any delays in getting final payment or/and preparing the final files. If ANY of the terms aren’t cleared enough, feel free to contact our customer support. We stand at your disposal 24/7.

  • 100% upfront payment, which will be paid by the client, goes in favor of PsdDesignToHtml, ONLY in cases that ordered amount is less than 100 USD worth;
  • 10% upfront amount needs to be paid by the client in favor of PsdDesignToHtml, ONLY in cases where ORDERED VALUE ranged between 100 USD and 500 USD;
  • If the ORDER VALUE exceeds the value of 500 USD, ONLY in these cases, 50% upfront amount acquires to be paid in favor of PsdDesignToHtml Company.