PSD to WordPress CMS Conversion Tutorials

1. Converting PSD to WordPress in 4 Simple Steps

As websites needs to be attractive and user-friendly it has to be fully functional with no bugs. Achieving fantastic look for your website template can be easily done with making a PSD file. This would give you the best graphic possible. Once that’s done, you need to code it to become a working website. PSD to HTML to WordPress conversion is surely not a problem. In fact you can do this in 4 easy and simple steps. These steps are HTML, Photoshop, CSS and WordPress, which will be fully discussed in this tutorial. After following these steps you should be able to convert PSD to HTML to WordPress quite easily.

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2. Creating WordPress Themes from Scratch

This tutorial will help you to achieve your perfect website with WordPress. Although there are premade themes readily available on WordPress, still the best way to make a unique website is to make it from scratch. Doing this requires to make a design from PSD to HTML to WordPress. This tutorial is divided into three parts; Structuring (PSD), Slicing and Coding (HTML) and WordPress Implementation. All of these steps will be fully explained in this tutorial. Just follow the instructions carefully and you’ll be able to achieve the unique website you always wanted.

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3. 5 Easy Steps to Convert PSD to WordPress

Creating a website is always a test of creativity and knowledge. The process can be more complex than the result but there’s always someone who can help. This is the best PSD to WordPress tutorial, as it will help you walkthrough from creating a design to coding to making it very efficient. The 5 steps would show you the “how to’s” with converting the files which includes, Slicing PSD (which mean creating a PSD for your final website design), Creating Index.html and style.css, Breaking index.html according to WordPress theme file structure, Adding WordPress Tags and Adding functionalities to have a fully functional, very unique and attractive website.

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4. Converting PSD template to WordPress Theme Easily

WordPress is an open source cms website that everyone can make the most of. On it you can easily choose several templates for your website. Since it is open source, anyone can make it as unique as possible. Having a website design using PSD is probably the best way to create the best looking website. And once you’re done with the design, all you need to do is convert the graphic you’ve created and implement it with codes. The process this is done by converting PSD to HTML to WordPress. This best PSD to WordPress tutorial will help you from slicing the PSD file to coding to implementing the code to the website.

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5. How to Convert Photoshop PSD to WordPress design

This tutorial is the first set of its three part series. Which will not just help you with PSD to WordPress conversion but with making your own design too. As this is the first part, it will help you with the design phase of creating a website for WordPress. Perfect for starters and people who needs more help on designing and creativity. And as a general rule, content of the website is definitely vital but making it very attractive and user friendly will help you get the most traffic than others.

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6. Building Basic Portfolio WordPress theme like 123

This is the third set of its three-part tutorial on how to build a basic Portfolio Theme on WordPress. As conversion of graphic files to useful codes was already explained on the previous post, this tutorial will help you implement all that you’ve learned. Aside from that you will learn how to enhance your website with WordPress plugins and optimize it for search engines, all updates and additions on website will be available via online dashboard, and there’s no more need for editing. That’s a great deal isn’t? Just follow this best PSD to WordPress tutorial and you’re set.

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7. Learning WordPress Genesis Framework

There’s probably a lot of reasons on why do people use framework over the standard WordPress theme. Some of thus may include, clean codes, better SEO Options and custom widget and design layouts. Using a framework can be not that simple at first but like everything else, you’ll get used to it and might become a master. There are readily available templates but not all of tem are cheap. This best PSD to WordPress with Genesis Framework tutorial will guide you on how to design your website to be very attractive and code it with Genesis Framework on WordPress without spending a single penny.

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8. Designing WordPress Theme using Genesis

PSD to HTML to WordPress with Genesis Framework is not always that complicated as it sounds. Its not going to be that easy but once you know how to work around it you’ll get used to it. This tutorial will help you on designing your own WordPress theme with Genesis. Genesis is known for creating robust and unique websites for quite a while and even if there exist Theses Framework, most people still choose Genesis as their Framework. This guide covers 11 topics from introduction to settings and upgrading templates to troubleshooting. So if you’re been wanting to create your own custom theme for your website this might be the best place to start.

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9. How to Style WordPress Child Themes with Genesis

This tutorial will explain on how to start designing a Genesis Child theme from which is the next step on mastering the Genesis Framework. Learning PSD to WordPress Conversion with Genesis framework can be complicated and needs a little effort to do so. Creating and styling a child theme will boost visuals on your website so learning the basics of how to do it is quite vital. This tutorial will discuss how to create unique horizontal navigation panels, adding background color and images as well as wallpaper and header images. Aside from that there’s a lot of CSS tips can be very helpful to some.

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10. Converting PSD to Dynamic for Genesis

Converting PSD to WordPress to Dynamic for Genesis is quite the same as creating a website from scratch using Photoshop although when using Dynamic, the whole process will be so much easier. Formatting for example will be as simple as point and click. Learning this will need some basic knowledge about CSS and PHP but never to worry because this tutorial will guide you step by step on creating your website while having fun doing it. This guide will cover topics like slicing PSD file to be your website graphics to coding the sliced images to implementing the codes with the graphics. Follow this tutorial and you’ll be master in no time.

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