privacy policy


PsdDesignToHtml is the legal owner of this Privacy Statement. It reflects our tendency to the privacy sustained for its customers and visitors and any other third party, who may come from business interaction with PsdDesignToHtml. The privacy policy emphasizes that we may use our clients IP addresses, in order to store them, and, at the same time, to help our clients dealing/analyzing all the issues that they may have come across, during the using our web server. In order to supply them with the substantial information regarding our company, we gather these personal data and/or some contact information about the site users.

It may be possible that might share the links and/or any other content from this site, on another web sites, for which PsdDesignToHtml cannot and will not bear legal responsibility for any such content as well privacy practice, enforceable to their websites.


That, practically, means that our clients, with the access throughout our website, in order to purchase something and / or to collect some relevant information, they need to, on a voluntarily basis, submit some of their personal data, such as: first name and/or last name, email address, their exact birth date, gender, phone number’ and the likes. Underline that all of this is on a voluntary basis, with the main cause that PsdDesignToHtml Company achieve better, more efficient and rapid communication.

PsdDesignToHtml pays additional attention on how your personal information is both-used and shared. You can, completely, be sure that all of your stored personal data won’t be shared, sold, disclosed or updated with any third party. That excludes our known and trusted business partners, who enjoy our full confidence and are ready to give us their expertise, assistance and support to your project.


Generally speaking, every access to our website, entails collecting the information about your IP address/ domain names, which will serve us in producing various statistics (to count the number of visits to our site, recently/the most viewed pages and the time spend browsing through our website… etc.). This information is essential to us, in order to pay some additional attention in stuff you like and need and due to that, to raise the customer experience to the next level, and, at the same time, to provide them far better serving than ever before. Please, note that we are gathering this information by using cookies and navigational data, in order to find out the exact time and date of your visit, your browser type, operating system…


All of gathered information, submitted by our clients, which is of great help to us, in order to make our services much better and customized for each one of you, will be shared with the third party ONLY in the following cases:

  • If we found it necessary (in order to fully meet your desires and demands);
  • We desire to provide improved consultation as per your service request;
  • Use some of your personal data for providing some promotional material (RSS feed, latest offers, which can be relevant to your business, electronic newsletters… etc.). BUT, it will be done ONLY with your consent (by clicking the option “SUBSCRIBE”, which can be anytime withdrawn or per the request).

However, we may also use your personal information in providing promotional emails, RSS feed, electronic newsletters and latest offers related to your business’ interests, but only after you prove your consent by clicking “SUBSCRIBE” and at any time it can be unsubscribe as per the request.


Please note that you have an exquisite right to stop receiving our marketing emails, RSS feed or newsletters any time desired. Only by clicking the unsubscribe button.


Keep in mind that each time, you access PsdDesignToHtml, you give your full consent to all practices and policies mentioned in the privacy statements. All the rights are reserved with PsdDesignToHtml, due to it any of the information offered in the privacy section can be amended and/or updated without you’re a prior notice, at any point of time. Thus, our strong recommendation to all our clients is to review from time-to-time our privacy statements, in order to fully understand them. At the same time, occasionally visiting both- our site and its services, can (and will) be an indicator that you are familiar with whole the amendment made to the policies and that we have your consent.


PsdDesignToHtml guarantees with its renown that all of your gathered personal information is highly safe and it will not misuse at any point, they are perfectly safe from ever potential risk.


If you estimate that the information provided by you is incomplete, incorrect or updated, then you should send us the corrected/updated one at short time notice. Also important, if you have any additional questions regarding our privacy policy or/and ANY of the terms are not clear enough, feel free to contact us. We are standing at your disposal 24/7.