How to Use Photoshop to Simplify PSD to HTML Conversion

To create a web design, a program such as Photoshop is used. If the client likes it, the designer will then start to convert PSD to HTML. The skills of the designer determine if the conversion will be done seamlessly and quickly.  Another method is converting PSD to HTML CSS. Giving the task to a rookie designer who has yet to master the process of converting Photoshop PSD to HTML will surely spell trouble for you. Whether you are a budding designer or a potential client, it will do you a lot of good to read through our top 10 tips:

photoshop psd to html tips

1. Do not mess with the layers.

It’s a typical move for designers to make the file sizes smaller. But from experience, we learned that if you want to convert PSD to HTML, the layers that hold the graphics, texts, and adjustments have to be left untouched since the details are crucial. For example, the font layer has the information such as font colours and sizes, spacing between letters, and line heights.

2. Be organized.

Just like how any type of project should be handled, converting PSD to HTML CSS has to be managed well and there must be a system in place. This saves time and increases the output.

3. The design has to be uniform.

Consistency in converting Photoshop PSD to HTML is required if you want a website that looks professional. It also significantly lessens the time needed to complete the job if its features like headers, heights, footers, and buttons are consistent.

4. Ensure good proportions by using a design grid.

The overall look of the website when you convert PSD to HTML is more pleasing to the eye if the elements and the space are balanced.

5. Add rollover states early.

It’s a great advantage to your business if you can reduce production time during the conversion of PSD to HTML CSS. This is why the links’ functionality has to be determined early on during the design process.

6. Make sure that there are no discrepancies in the hands-off documents.

This principle can’t be emphasized enough when converting Photoshop PSD to HTML to the team that oversees this project. The design elements have to match without exception.

7. Don’t forget that fonts may display differently in various browsers and OS.

Before deciding on the font, check how it is seen in the different browsers and operating systems.

8. Avoid blending modes.

When converting PSD to HTML, it is not suggested to use blend modes since they can’t be recreated in CSS. Don’t be tempted by its stunning effects when previewed. The outcome is quite different when html code is used.

9. You may have to add text so give some space for adjustment.

The content may change so keep this in mind.

10. Consider the benefit of common browser resolution.

The layout should not be wider than 1300px so that scrolling from side to side can be avoided.

Having a good understanding of the tools and the structure can help much with being efficient in PSD to HTML conversion. We hope that you find these tips to be helpful to you.

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