We, in the PsdDesignToHtml Company, are striving really hard to reach the high level of satisfaction, among all our potential clients. We have, even, create certain work strategy, in which our main focus is to establish some kind of priority to work hand-in-hand with our clients. Doing so, we are hoping that each time their expectations of our experiences are going to improve. We are so proud to announce that our commitment of 100% Client Satisfaction, which present the main focus in above mentioned business strategy, we are achieving, simply by supplying them with only the best web development & design solutions.

Nowadays, we have more than 2000 satisfied clients across the Globe and highly developed and successful branches on several continents.

PsdDesignToHtml Company stands, with its name and reputation, behind Guaranteed Client satisfaction:

  • 30 days of FULL Free Technical Support Code;
  • GUARANTEES On-time Delivery Each Time and the Highest Quality Standards;
  • Full customer Care Support;
  • Pretty Quick Turnaround Time;
  • 24/7 Customer Support (via Skype, MSN, Gmail or/and Gtalk);
  • Numerous of the most various reconstructions and revisions, as long as they completely meet all of the customer’s requirements and wishes.


PsdDesignToHtml announced 100% Non-Disclosure Agreement, which guarantee that will ensure to prevent any unauthorized access of client-owned “Confidential Information”. By respecting that agreement, you can be absolutely sure that all of your personal data are completely safe and it won’t be misused for any purposes. Behind that Agreement PsdDesignToHtml Company stands by its name and reputation.

PsdDesignToHtml grows a really great respect to your business & its privacy and due to it, we commit ourselves that all of your personal information, as well as your professional artwork, which you share with us, will be kept as a top secret. PsdDesignToHtml Company stands, with its name and reputation, behind the guarantees that we won’t share further or publish/sold or transmit of any kind your shared information under any circumstances.


Our firm has the policy of 100% Money Back Guarantee on your request, without asking any additional questions. We commit ourselves to fully repay the whole amount paid (even without further asking) in the situations listed below:

  • If you withdraw your project’s Order Request in case that that order isn’t processed yet);
  • Client’s dissatisfaction of any kind with the final outcome (unzipped) accompanied by adequate and justified reasons.