Frequently Asked Questions

Settling all the queries of customers is crucial in giving them a true understanding of psd conversion services. Besides providing the best webpage design service, we ensure answering the questions that may arise in your mind while seeking our services of slicing psd to html.

Do you sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) if needed?
The privacy policy is our priority as we sign non-disclosure agreement with our customers before converting psd to xhtml.
What is the payment method: Paypal, Amex, Mastercard?
Our recommended basic method of payment is through PayPal. However, we also accept payment through western union and wire transfer directly to our bank account.
Is there any hourly rate available? What is it if the answer is positive?
Yes, our hourly rate only$15 for a web page design service.

Is the conversion limited only to PSD to HTML?
We accept a variety of files and convert into html by our html conversion service. The most suitable filesare PSD, TIFF, GPEG, GIF and PNG.
What is required for the conversion of PSD to HTML
We need an image file such as psd, png, gif, or JPEG.However,psd file is best recommended for perfect psd to html conversion. Moreover, if it you can give us the layered PSD file, it will be the best.
What is CSS or W3C validation Markup?
CSS stands for cascading style sheets language, used to format a document in markup language. W3C validation is like meeting all the web guidelines and standards for authentic work while converting psd to xhtml.
Will I get any discount for more than one design?
Yes, we offer discount on all designs excluding the first one. But, the designs should be from the very same project for being considered for the discount.
Would you revise the work done?
Yes, we can revise your work and correct it to satisfy you. We are willing to do it as many times as required. But the change in the design will have to be negotiated and fixed again. We make only corrections within fixed terms of html conversion service, and not the contracted design.
Will I get to see the task as it progresses?
Yes! Development version of your project is placed at a password-protected area on our preview server where we are able to show you preview of your project.
Would you launch my website on my behalf?
In WordPress and other CMS projects we can install files on your server as a part of the delivery process.
Do you support JavaScript / AJAX / PHP?
Yes, we will be pleased to offer you with these multiple conversions also. We are willing to take any other source files and perform different types of slicing psd to html, depends on what you want.