Easily Convert PSD to HTML with a Bootstrap Responsive Framework

At present, Bootstrap is one of the most highly used open source projects for the development of different kinds of websites. It is basically a toolkit comprised of HTML and CSS which was devised by the owners of Twitter and initially known as Twitter Bootstrap.  The best thing about this tool is that it is completely free, so anyone can use it for making websites and web-based applications. The style sheet for Twitter bootstrap in html is compatible with all browsers -including Chrome, IE, and Firefox – making it easier for web developers to use it.

Converting a psd to html bootstrap responsive website is very easy as this free toolkit helps write the CSS code that enables a website to become responsive. Bootstrap can be used to create any kind of website, using any of the commonly used content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla.

The pre-built bootstrap CSS framework is very flexible and allows the developers to create the website they want with ease. It can be any kind of website and there are virtually little or no limitations. The Twitter bootstrap in html offers the developers with the elementary style definitions of all the main components needed for developing any kind of website.

Converting a psd to html bootstrap website is not difficult at all but before one starts working on it, it is imperative that the developer has complete knowledge and a good grip on CSS and HTML – both essential for website development.  Since bootstrap CSS framework is written in JavaScript, it is easier to understand for developers.

To work with Twitter bootstrap in html one has to get the compiled version which is available at http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/index.html. Once done, the developer can manipulate the framework according to his website development requirements. After downloading the zipped version, the developer can initialise it in the Head segment and the JavaScript will run in body.

When a developer is converting a psd to html bootstrap for a responsive website is very easy since bootstrap used fluid grid system that allows the website to change the sizes of columns, rows and the text as well. Images are also resized very easily using the bootstrap CSS framework.

Now as we said earlier, you cannot understand bootstrap completely until you have learned CSS and HTML. For those who have knowledge of these two languages, following are some great resources for learning Bootstrap and making a responsive websites.

The basic framework of bootstrap consists JavaScript files and the plugins are all available in a single file so you do not have to write complex commands to access them; a simple mark API would suffice.

There are many other frameworks available which make the lives of the programmers a lot easier when it comes to making responsive websites, but Bootstrap is by far the best. Since this is an ever evolving and constantly changing website, the developers get access to a lot of new and interesting features every now and then.

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