What Are the Advantages of Responsive Website Design?

To make any specific website suitable for any size of screen of any device, responsive design is very necessary. Now a day, the demand of responsive design is highly rising with the rising demand of Smartphone and tabs. As the screen sizes of these devices are very small, it may faces many difficulties. When users want to use or browse websites on a small screen as they use on a larger screen of desktop and laptop, they may face some challenges. To make it comfortable to use, many companies have come with their mobile friendly site like their original version so that people can be in touch with them even while they are using mobile and tabs.

advantages of responsive website design

If you have applied professional responsive web design to your website, your visitors won’t need to be redirected to mobile version. Here are some tips to create a responsive website and tips on how to use it.

1. Advanced user experience

If any website implements responsive design into their website, they can experience more traffic from the mobile users. A responsive website will adjust the size of any content that fit to the screen size. It will boost up customer turnover rate as well as good user experience.

2. High volume of sales

Responsive web design best practices reduce the necessity of introducing different mobile version of the website. Your site won’t redirect the users to any mobile version. The site will look attractive as well as reliable to the users for applying CSS. As a result, the sales and revenue will increase in amount.

3. Don’t need to analyze several analytics reporting

If you use different version of your site for different device, you need to keep track of your conversions, visits, sales volume, and revenue. It is very difficult to keep track of all these things together. However, if you want to do these, you can take help from Google analytics. So now, you don’t have to analyze several analytics reporting.

4. Your site will get more visibility

When your web page has the best user experience design, you don’t need to spend much time to manage all the content. By applying responsive design to your business website, your site will be more visible in Google than before as people will search for it more. All you have to do is to maintain a set of URLs to make the SEO campaign strong.

responsive web design best practices

5. Don’t worry about copied content

Copied or duplicate content will seriously hamper your site’s reputation. If you use several version of your site for several devices, you may face challenges to publish unique content for each version. Responsive design will solve your problem, now you don’t have to worry about copied or duplicate content.

6. Money saving

If you use responsive design for designing your website, there is no need to develop several apps for several devices. Using a responsive web design with html5 and CSS3 is the easy solution for mobile version.

7. Advanced offline browsing experience

Now offline browsing is easy with HTML5. It will easily let you get access in the particular web content. This is very important because most of the mobile devices are HTML5 friendly. People can get their important news and email through this even when they are offline.

Since this is the era of new technology and new devices like Smartphone and tabs with advanced technology, developing website with responsive design has become most important issue. You can easily handle huge traffic with this system and it will let you get more profit than before.


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